Social Editor @HerCampus

From Feb. 2017 — June 2019: directly manage all social strategy for the #1 new media brand for the empowered college woman and leading millennial marketing company, @HerCampus, along with @HerCampusBeauty and @HerCampusStyle, two sub-accounts I launched in 2017.

So what does that mean? The details:

  • Manage and oversee social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat

  • Collaborate with content partners and build new partnerships

  • Write copy for client posts across social platforms and work with sales team to ensure client content is authentic to brand voice, and therefore receives high engagement

  • Brainstorm and produce evergreen and news-pegged video content

  • Develop strategies for tracking analytics, and report on analytics across platforms on a weekly and monthly basis

  • Develop platform-specific social strategy to promote small- and large-scale events before and during, and recap after to ensure high levels of engagement and reach. Example: Her Conference 2017 networking event of 600+ attendees, College Fashion Week 2017

  • Work closely with editorial team to develop new ways to tell the story of HC national and chapter content and ensure that best practices are in place

  • Interview, hire, and manage seasonal interns, adapting the scope of the internship to ensure they develop skills that will help them in their future career endeavors